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DAMANHUR – Creativity, Sacred Art and Sustainable Eco-Community
With Quaglia Cocco (Damanhur)
Quaglia Cocco, a citizen of Damanhur, Italy shares about life and collective creativity in this Federation of Communities based in the hills of northern Italy with about 1,000 citizens and members worldwide, active since 1975. Damanhur is a vibrant and evolving artistic community that promotes peace and sustainability, with its own complementary currency system, constitution and schools. The citizens of Damanhur created the underground Temples of Humankind, a vast sacred space dug into a mountain with breathtaking visionary artwork.

Quaglia Cocco has been a citizen of Damanhur for seven years, and she is originally from America with ethnic roots in China and Taiwan. At Damanhur she works in Public Relations and communicators, guides visits to the Temples, and contributes to the arts through painting and Sacred Dance performances. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of California at Berkeley
11 Novembro 2015  14h | Biblioteca do Pólo dos Leões
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